Will Winter Ever End?

Reported by Alyssa Burbank

A week and a half into April, snow fell upon us. For weeks now people have been asking, “Will Winter ever end?” But the weather is beginning to change for good this Spring.

With a few hiccups in the weather, like snow and weather in the 30s, people have begun to question how long the Winter weather will last. On Friday the 13, the weather was in the 70s. It was sunny and warm, unlike the recent weather we’ve been having.

Many students are beginning to hate the treacherous weather that has fallen upon us. Junior Paige Gethin is also beginning to grow tired of the tremendous weather,”This weather is unacceptable, it shouldn’t be snowing in April. It is time for Mother Nature to stop and make up her mind.”

Other students are fine with the continuous cold weather.  Many students also like the cold and the snow for different reasons. Junior Madison Roberts enjoys the cold weather and wouldn’t mind if it lasted longer,”I like the cold weather because it makes me feel cozy to be able to wear lots of layers and drink hot drinks.”

While there are both positive and negative opinions on the ever-changing weather, the cold is beginning to fade and warmer weather is on its way. Although there is still light snow upon us, the warmer weather is as close as can be.


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