The Little Things

Reported by Alyssa Burbank

Quite often the small, yet most genuine, moments in life are taken for granted. As people, we often do not treasure the little moments in life that make major impacts on who we are. There are many ways to recognize the things in life that make big changes in your life.

When halfway through the day time seems to be going slower than a snail, and the work load is piled higher than the ceiling, just stop. Look around. Take a deep breath. Realize what’s going on around in the environment and see how beautiful it is.

If in gym class, notice how a group of strangers are playing basketball together and realize how cool it is that they all can get along, or if in study hall hear the laughing from a group of students enjoying their time, or watch the seniors leaving on off campus, not taking in the fact that school ends in three months and they’ll be graduated.

The best moments in life are missed more often than not, but with a little bit of realization and serenity everyone can begin to live in the moment.


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