The Beginning of the End

Reported by Alyssa Burbank

In the final months of high school there are many items that start the realization that the end of school is near.

For seniors there are many prom and graduation responsibilities that need to be attended to. Some of the major prom and graduation necessities are the fitting for a cap and gown, dress/tuxedo shopping, buying a class ring, preparing for after graduation, and other important necessities.

For juniors, many new experiences await them that they must prepare for. They must be ready to start applying for scholarships, looking at colleges/jobs after high school, making sure they took all the proper classes to graduate, etcetera.

Both sophomores and freshman have a long list of items that need to be looked over. It is important for all underclassmen to figure out what path of academics they want to pursue, how they are going to achieve their high school goals and graduate, and what they are willing to do in order to maintain the best grades they possibly can.

All students have an important goal of achieving the best they can throughout their entire high school careers, and all students can achieve it with a little bit of motivation and support.


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