A Common Senior Cold

Reported by Alyssa Burbank

What is senioritis? How does one overcome it? Both need-to-know questions, and ones about to be answered.

Senioritis is a common “disease” caught by seniors in the last few months of their high school career. Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to: lack of motivation, refusing to do homework, missing school, and losing interest in their favorite classes.

Now, there are multiple steps to be taken in order to surmount senioritis. Because senioritis is such an affecting illness these steps must be taken seriously and done effectively.

Step one: Continue to study. No matter how close to the end of the school year it is, there are still tests to take and quizzes to pass. The laziness may kick in but everyone must overcome it in order to pass the school year.

Step two: Keep up with deadlines. Whether they be for homework, flashcards, or even college scholarship deadlines. The more one keeps up with the deadlines, or even beats the deadlines, the less make-up work there is to do.

Step three: Don’t skip school. Even though it may seem impossible to get out of bed, it’s not. Good attendance is something colleges take consideration of. If a student’s attendance plummets towards end of the school year colleges may feel iffy about accepting the student.

But don’t fret, not everyone is hit with hard cases of senioritis.  Even if you are there is always a way to overcome it. Just stay focused, stay in school, and keep up the good work.

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