Dance ’till YouDrop

Esha Soni

IMG_7290Dance events in the community as well as a dancers experience.

There is no season or certain time do this activity. There can be little or much experience to do it, but no matter what, it always put smiles on faces and takes away the thoughts of tension. Dancing is pretty popular in our community and it is only getting better every single day.


171 Cedar Arts is a dance, art, and music studio. There are all types of dances weekly. Many students do multiple types of dances from partnering to tap. There are different type of levels for each type of dance for age group and how advance the class is.


Every year they do Story of Ballet where they create Disney or other popular movies as dances. It is one popular a lovely event that many attend. Last year they did the Lion King and this year they are performing The Little Mermaid. The event is around the end of January. The studio performs two times on Saturday and Sunday.


In May, the studio has their annual dance recital where all dance classes have their own song and costumes to show to the audience. This event is located in the Clemens Center. 171 Cedar Arts also has summer dance class after the dance classes during the school year. There are also many camps for newcomers wanting to dance.


Amanda Flick is a junior and she dance at 171 Cedar Arts in Corning. Flick said,” I have been dancing for about eleven years. I do and have done tap, ballet, ballet (pointe), jazz, hip hop, and modern. I have been on my pointe shoes for three and a half years and it is my favorite type of dance. I love doing dance exercises across the floor and I enjoy doing turns and developes (when your one leg points up and out while your other is  on pointe). My favorite event is the Story of Ballet because every year I get to be something new and get to spend a lot of my time my dance pals.”


For many students, dance is way to escape all the craziness going on in school and at the sametime to be healthy and happy. A lot of giggles and smiles are on everyone’s faces no matter what type of dance anyone is doing.



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