A Good Fight

Have you ever worked so hard and still fail?

Reported By: Gabriella Stalter

The Girls Corning Varsity Soccer Team make many memories that make the end of the season harder.

The Girls Corning Varsity Soccer Team make many memories that make the end of the season harder.

Over the weekend of October 27-29, Corning Painted Post High School’s athletic department was involved in high ranking games. Each team went into the weekend with the hope and desire to win, but it didn’t go according to plan.

The Boys Varsity Football team had a face off against Elmira for semi-sectionals. The winner of this game would determine who would move on to the sectional championships. For both teams, there was a lot at stake.

Previously in the season, the Corning team was demolished by Elmira. With a lot of preparation and a game plan, Corning felt good about the Semi-Sectional game. “We went into the game with no fear, and we had a pretty solid game plan to shut them down.”

With a hard fight, beginning to end, the Corning Painted Post Varsity Football Team lost to Elmira’s Varsity Football Team 32-33. This disqualified Corning from moving on in the sectional rankings. Senior Keagan Smith comments, “we controlled the game more than we previously had, and we drove the ball on them all game long. A lot of that had to do with how much harder we went in practices and we didn’t play scared. We believed in one another and that made it so.”

In addition to the football team facing Elmira, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team faced Elmira. Again with great preparation, the soccer team went into Sectionals with their heads held high.

Previously in the season, Elmira and Corning have had brutal, zealous battles on the field. The first time Elmira and Corning faced off, the game ended in a 1 to 1 tie, after overtime. The second time the two teams played each other, the score resulted in a 0 to 0 tie, after overtime. The Sectional match up of the two teams was supposed to be “the game of the season”, according to Corning athletes. The game was held at the Waverly High School Stadium, on Saturday, October 28.

When game day came, Elmira took a 2 to 0 lead early in the game. Corning continued to fight, but with little luck, were not able to pull off a win. At the end of the championship game, Elmira had won and moved on as 2017 Girls Varsity Soccer Sectional Champs, while Corning went home. “The team exceeded every expectation I had for them. We had only 3 season loses, and the score of the Sectional game did not represent the fight that was fought by the team. It was a great season, and the team has nothing to be ashamed of”, Coach Julie Pierce.

Although the team headed home late that night, they were not upset for the loss, but rather the goodbye. Senior Kelsey Simmons quotes, “I thanked the team because I have never been on a team that was more connected. I felt like I had a personal and positive connection with every person on the team. Out of everything that I am saying goodbye to, leaving this team is the hardest. I will always remember the connection and the memories made with this team.”


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