Bring Your Own Device

Fred, the Tech Guy, is scanning a computer

Fred, the Tech Guy, is scanning a computer

Reported By: Jaquelle Quenan

If the school issued laptop is just not cutting it, then there is an alternative option. Bringing a laptop, Android, Windows Surface, iPad tablet, and/or Chromebook is allowed. In order to gain the school’s WiFi and permission to use this device in the school you must pick up a form from the Tech Office, E104F. The form states that these devices will be used strictly to access web-based applications. It also says that the sharing of a network login is not acceptable. This violates the District’s Acceptable Use Policy, and will result in disciplinary actions.It must also be known that by connecting the BYOD device to the CPP School District network any internet access will be filtered and a tracking cookie will be installed as part of the filter system. The Children’s Internet Protection Act requires all network access to be filter regardless of the device you use to access it while i a public school. In addition, the student must agree to not circumvent any filter system by connecting to alternate internet provider such as a mobile data or hotspot. The form must be signed by a guardian and returned back to the Tech Office. Then you may proceed with the process of connecting your device, remember that this may not be a quick process. Sometimes, it takes a while for the device to be completely ready. A senior Kezia Hatch has brought in her own laptop and has been using it since nearly the beginning of school say. When asked if she prefers having her own device she said, “I do in some ways, for example it runs a lot better. But a downside is you can’t get into the printer.”


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