The Fun Doesn’t Last too Long…


By:Esha Soni

Currently, multiple students who are injured from their favorite sport.


Playing a sport is one of the reasons why many students like school. Being active, playing your favorite sport,  bonding with team members/friends, or the state of mind to dominate the opposing team can be the favorite part about one’s day. There are days though where after practice or after a game things don’t end up with smiling faces and joy, but tears, intense pain, or a visit to the emergency room.


This year there have been multiple injuries due to sports. Madeline Burns, a sophomore is currently in a boot as with many other students. Burns said, “I’m in a boot because of running too much and I didn’t have supportive running shoes. I’ll be in a boot for about 4 weeks. The best part about being in a boot is not having to go to practice after school and instead get to do my homework earlier. The worst part is not being able to do normal daily activities.”


Not just Madeleine Burns but a lot other students are in slings, boots, wheelchairs, crutches, and more. Many people think that being injured can be a good thing because they may have to leave classes five minutes early to go to their next class or have another student carry their backpack and belongings, but it isn’t fun at all. Injured students have to depend on others a lot in a situation of being injured. For example, having other students help get things out of their backpack every single class period.


Eventually, all the doctor visits for taking X-rays, feeling anxious when the doctor comes into the room to give an update on the injury, or the amounts of medication needed will soon go away and one can get back to their favorite sport or activity. IMG_3006

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