As sport seasons change, so do coaches.

SANY0692As sport seasons change, so do coaches.

Reported  by: Jaquelle Quenan

Although it is not super common for coaches to change, this has happened a lot within the last year. The reasons for this vary, for some coaches they were moving, others were offered another job. But all result in a new coach being thrown in the mix. Last year’s varsity basketball coach, Mrs. Wolfe, is now being replaced by Mr Johnston. Wolfe says, “I will miss being in the gym everyday with the players and getting to coach in the amazing gym that CPP has. I will also miss the atmosphere at home games and working with all the other coaches at CPPHS.” Golf is now being coached by Mr. Scanlon, the team was previously coached by Mr. Shefford. Another change for the golf team, was they were given a coaching assistant this year. This has never happened before. “Having a golf assistance was probably the biggest change for the team, but was definitely for the better in my opinion. Having two coaches instead of one increased the amount of time players could have one on one help with their swing which helped everyone’s golf game” Senior Chris Durkin said. Mr. Kizis is now the new coach for baseball, the position prior to this season was taken by Mr. Gram. Kizis said, “I’m excited to coach a good group of kids who are very talented.”  Good luck to all of the new coaches in their upcoming seasons, and thank you to all the past coaches for your work.


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