Winter Shopping

Reported by: Jaquelle Quenan

A new season calls for many changes. The temperature and month is not the only things that alter. Home decor and clothes typically adjust with the weather and upcoming holidays. Senior Alexis Teeter said, “I typically buy more sweaters and Hunter boots. I also splurge on Christmas decorations.” The transition from fall to winter is huge. Fall is full of pumpkins and orange and red colors. Typically people invest in a light sweater, scarfs, and tall boots. But Winter may call for a lot of shopping. The orange and red leaves turn to blue and white lights. Scarfs and light sweaters become heavy winter jackets, and tall boots become uggs or boots with fur. The Halloween decorations and candy bowls are stored away and replaced with christmas trees and mistletoes. The two seasons are so different that it may take a lot of time, money, and effort to successfully complete the transformation. Luckily, Black Friday is the perfect time to achieve this. “I always get my winter necessities during Black Friday shopping. This is because it is so much cheaper to get that kind of stuff then, then wait until later during the Winter season.” Senior Jackson Green said. Great deals can aid in lowering the price of new Santa decorations and big jackets. It’s worth taking an elbow to the face by some old lady trying to get the last toy for her grandson. This is because winter shopping can be costly. Besides trying to revamp your house and clothes, christmas gifts are a major concern and a lot of money. Once again, Black Friday can save one from nervously searching for the perfect gift last minute. As stressful as this all is Winter is a time of joy, Christmas, and spending a whole lot of money. Therefore, shopping in the winter may no longer be a leisure activity, but a trip to the mall for third time that week.  

Picture of Amelia Airosa

Picture of Amelia Airosa

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