Half Days, Full Happiness

By:Esha Soni

Students opinions on half day and what they do during their free time.


It is officially that time of year where half days have come. Even though, we have to wake up early for school, we get to leave it four hours earlier.


Siobhan Stone, a sophomore said, “I love half days so much because leaving school early is the best. I think that instead of half days there should be no school because I miss some classes that other students may not so I may be behind in a couple subjects when another student is ahead. If I could change anything about the half I would have every class, but for a shortened time”.


Olivia Smaldone, a sophomore said, “Half days are the best. I would not change a thing about them because they are great. I honestly wish we had  more half days through the year instead of just the start of the school year”.


Every student has a plan on how they want to spend their half days. Stone said, “I usually  grab something to eat with my friends and just hang out until I have practice for cross country”. Smaldone said, “I usually try to get all my homework out of the way for the day and then take a nap because I never get sleep during the school week”.


Even though we think of half days as partial free days, teachers have to stay for the full day because of conferences with parents. Stone said, “ My parents don’t do conferences with my teacher unless they really need to and it would be for a core class”. Smaldone said, “No, my parents do not do conferences with my teachers”.


Half days are an essential key to make many a students week better especially if you have a class later in the day that you don’t like.IMG_2900

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