Just Yearbook’n

By: Esha Soni

Students experience on being part of the yearbook team.


Yearbook, many think it is tiring work and others think it is a great way to escape the real world. Believe it or not, the yearbook has an important role in our school. The yearbook team snaps shots and keeps special memories for our school. They also get student and teacher opinions on activities about what is going around the school. Many students in yearbook spend extra hours after school or spend their weekends in dedication to what they do.


The yearbook is full of color and images starring students. It is clearly not a boring yearbook. It includes a variety of stories and topics that interest different types of students.


Lexi Woodcock, an editor and a junior said, “I take pictures and it is really fun. The best part is going to games for free and watching it from the sidelines. My favorite events to shoot are lacrosse, soccer, and swimming because of the lighting”.


Monica Fadul, a senior said, “my favorite part about yearbook aside from making the book and taking photos is being with the yearbook group because we all are friends with each other and it’s a break from all the school work and just being able to hang out and talk to them. My favorite sport to shoot is soccer because it’s on the field and it is easier, but my favorite event during the school is pep rallies because you can get so much action and excitement in your shoots”.


The yearbook staff are very close and conduct many group activities about yearbook and doing other things as a group. Distro Day is an event with yearbook where the staff parties distribute students their yearbooks. There is food and coffee available as well with games like kahoot.


Yearbook team has improved their layout, camera quality, and quotes. This year is the first year that twelve students have the opportunity to go to Dallas for the National High School Journalism Convention where about 4,000 students come.

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