Reported by: Jaquelle Quenan

     Students walk the halls everyday with astonishing talents stored away. Many are unaware of the gifts that their peers possess. Usually they are not given the opportunity to reveal it. It is unbelievable how many people have the ability to sing, dance, draw, etc but hone it in. This may be because they are scared to put themselves out there, but many just aren’t given the chance. With cabaret, kids from chorus get to sing a song of choice every Friday during lunch periods. Anyone is allowed to go to the theatre and watch the concert. Many attended last friday’s show. The positive feedback with overwhelming. Alexus Bellido said, “I really enjoyed watching people, whom of which I didn’t even know had such an amazing ability to sing, perform. But I would have preferred if there were more solos versus groups.” “The Cabaret is really well put together, I liked that my friends got to showcase their talent to the school.” Haley Brown said. She plans to play the piano and sing House of the Rising Sun for this Friday’s Cabaret. Make sure to come support those who will be performing today, it takes a lot of courage to do something like this.  

Picture of Hailey Brown

Picture of Hailey Brown

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