Pierce the Skin

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Reported By: Justine King


For people who follow the more simple or traditional lifestyle have become mind blown by all the teenagers inserting metal into their fleshy being, also known as the common term piercings. To the elder age group, displaying metal as accessories is often frowned upon, for it is strange and seemingly has no point in their perspectives. This judgement would be wrong since every person is entitled to their own opinion, and others find this decorative metal to be a sign of individuality and creative expression towards the passionate spirit of that being.  


Jacob Whittier exclaims how he has no interest in getting his body pierced, but has nothing against other people’s desires to do so. “I don’t want to get piercings. Honestly I say if you like that kind of thing you can do it,” said Whittier.


Piercings aren’t just for vandalising one’s body in a rebellious act against one’s  parents or whatever the purpose is. Neither is the purpose of piercings just for expressing one’s true self in a metallic form of creativity, some piercings can even help with simple things such as migraines. The Daith piercing is one of the such known piercings that have been proven to prevent or reduce migraine occurrence. It is an ear piercing that passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix. The word daith is pronounced as “doth”, like the term “goth”.


Most piercings have an individual cost depending what type of metal accessory is being used, where on the body or facial location that is being pierced and who is handling the needle, or in common terms the piercer, as well as where a person is going to get their piercing. Piercings for one’s earlobes, ear cartilage, or cheek generally  cost between $20 to $55. An eyebrow, nose, centrum, or belly piercing typically cost between $30 to $65. Though these prices are all accountable by the previously mentioned factors.


Common places to get one’s body pierced would be Big Ink, Tattoorolo, Bring Your Skin, and Claire’s. It is extremely recommended to get  piercings done by a professional. Most times if the piercing is not conducted by a professional infection occurs throughout the surrounded area of that metal and is highly hazardous.

    “I understand the expression, but I worry about disease,” said Mrs. Quackenbush. Take Quackenbush’s words to heart, and be precautious, cleanse all piercings thoroughly everyday or every other day, that includes the area in which the metal is.


Piercings are a great way to make one’s body more unique and decorative, as well as an interesting way to express the individuality of one’s self, though the scars that are left from unprofessionally performed piercings are permanent. Metal designed accessories will leave a mark on one’s life so make it worth it.


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