-itarian diet?

What are you?

Reported by: El Aiosa

There is a large variety of diets all across the world. Some diets are for health benefits, and some are just personal preference. There are around 7 common diets all around the world. There is Meatatarian, Pescetarian, Flexitarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, Macrobiotic.

Meatatarian is the most common in the world. A Meatatarian is someone who eats meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc. Meatatarians eat just about everything. A Flexitarian is someone who basically consumes a vegetarian diet (doesn’t eat any meat/fish) but has meat/fish on some rare occasions. Pescetarians are people who only eat fish, however they do not consume any meat. Vegetarian is when someone doesn’t eat any meat/fish, but they are able to consume dairy products and eggs. Vegans do not eat meat/fish or anything from animals such as dairy and eggs. Raw Vegans only eat raw veggies and do not cook them over 115 degrees. Macrobiotics only eat unprocessed vegan food and fish once in awhile.  

Why do people live by these diets? Some people don’t eat certain things because they believe there are bad health benefits involved. A very common thing that people avoid is beef. People do not want to consume beef because they have the risk of getting diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. Red meat in general is avoided by many because, it can lead to cancer, heart disease, and liver problems. People also don’t like white meat because of the amount of cholesterol in white meat. Even though there are lots of people who don’t consume meats because of the health risks, others don’t prefer it for personal preference. There are protests made because people don’t believe animals should be sacrificed, just so humans can eat them, when there are other things people can consume. People want to shut down slaughterhouses and prove to people that animals still have a mind and a heart and don’t deserve to die.

Sticking to a diet can be a very complicated thing. “Meat is on every menu I go to,” said sophomore Jacob Whittier. Meat is the most common thing you can find in a meal. Luckily there are substitution meats like tofu and beans for people who don’t prefer meat. There are very diverse opinions on what people eat. “I love meat, I would never stop eating meat, but it’s a personal preference and if you don’t want to eat it, then don’t,” said Mr. Kizis. But no matter what anyone eats, as long as a person is healthy and enjoys their diet, food is food.  

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