Your Hair Is So 3 Millenniums Ago

Reported by El Aiosa

So you thought your hair was a new trend? Well think again. Dying your hair has been around since the days of Ancient Egypt! The Egyptians would dabble with changing their hair up. They would use to shave off their hair, dye it using a reddish color called henna, indigo, saffron and other natural hair supplies, and then show off their new hair. A few of the more popular colors were auburn, blonde (which the Romans favored), and a reddish color. However the Ancient Egyptians despised gray hair.

In the Dark Ages red was a very well known hair color. It was first introduced with scottish people, and then for many years they believed that gingered hair people were suspicious of witchcraft. That was until Queen Elizabeth, then red hair became more acceptable for people.  

In the 1800s hair dye was changed revolutionary. A man by the name of William Henry Perkin, accidently discovered something that changed hair dye forever. In 1863 William discovered the first synthesized dye which is still found in most dyes today.

In 1907, a French cosmetics company called Aureole at the time, but is now known as L’Oréal, came out with the first home color product called “Poly Color”. Since that point the popular brand has became a multi-billion dollar business, and ever since, hundreds of other hair dye companies have emerged. Since the brand came out, dying your hair became very common.

In the 1950s hair dying was a very popular thing, but people didn’t think about the consequences. Woman would bleach their hair and completely kill it. That was until a safe hair bleaching kit that you could use at home called “Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath” was created. The people loved it because they didn’t have to be embarrassed and go out to lighten or color their hair.

Since before time dying your hair has been very common. A study has shown that 75% of women dye their hair. If you were to walk down the street you would probably see people with natural or fun colored dyed hair. “Dying your hair is a fun and creative way for people to express themselves” (Mrs. Robarge, Teacher at CPPHS). People dyeing their hair gives them confidence and happiness. “I dye my hair because it’s fun” (Bethany Dabish, Freshman CPPHS). Hair dying has and probably always will be a common thing that people enjoy doing. 

Photo credit by: Justine King


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