Recent Trend of 2017: Pajama Onesies!

Reported By:  Justine King

We all know most schools, such as high schools and middle schools, are the most commonly known for trends, like the Dab and Fidget Spinners. Currently, in the year of  2017 and last year, 2016, one of the most recent trends is the pajama onesie. This particular  type of night wear is designed for all ages ranging from small children to adults, and has become quite popular..

Last school year, there was often designated days that groups of this schools lovely students, wore onesies together for the whole eight hours of the reoccurring school session. There are rumors, that these planned events between friends were rebellious acts against the dress code policy, others say it was just for fun. In any case, whether the reason for this particular event was laziness for changing clothes, or a new trademark for rebels, it is an unacknowledged trend, that is possibly one of the strangest one too.

Here’s a fun fact; the majority of the tenth grade teachers don’t appeal with this particular trend! Mrs. Quackenbush states, “I don’t like the onesie, it looks like a romper and I don’t  like rompers. I hope it ends this year. I hope the new trend is bunny slippers or something”. This attire is cozy and comfortable, perfect for around the house and during a rather cold winter, but not quite suiting for school. One should not wear a onesie to school, even if it isn’t directly against the dress code, because it can be a distraction to others education and a possible fire hazard.

If any unique person wants this creatively designed clothing, any nearby Walmart store sells many varieties of styles and themes. As for what type of designs and schemes these pajamas present, it ranges from plain colors, patterns and even animals, to unicorns, minions, and even the poop emoji; or chocolate ice cream emoji if prefered. Often, Wal-mart customers walk into the store in a onesie to begin with, so don’t feel awkward buying one! Remember, it’s cool to follow trends, and whatever else that is followed on social media,  just keep the onesie outside of school.

Photo Credit to: Google images, History of Walmart.


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