Tate and Tennis: A Dynamic Duo

By: Esha Soni

If you wanted a soft serve, you should’ve gone to Peaches n Cream! Tate Treadwell’s experience on being a freshman and a tennis player.

Tatum Treadwell, is on girls tennis team and she is about to kick ACE this season. Tate is a new freshman taking in the whole CPPHS experience. It’s her first experience as a highschooler managing sports and her academics. We have the inside scoop on how she does it all. An incoming freshman may think it is extremely hard to be having practices, matches, or games every single day and also being able to keep track with all the academic assignments. Tate plays doubles tennis with Alexa Cates, also a new freshman and so far, they are knocking they’re on their way to being the queens of the courts!

The first ever match you play in tennis can be pretty stressful. Upperclassmen stressing and focusing on their match, the audience’s eyes spotted on the ball and racquet, and the fear of losing your match. Tate said, “I was very nervous, but excited to play I guess. The match didn’t go so well because we lost, but I am looking forward to more matches in the season and hope to win them!”.

There is a huge difference between middle school sports and high school sports. The sport gets so much more competitive and the tension level increases. It is a big step up, but the love more the sport gets bigger! Tate is excited for the season and what more is to come in the future.

Each year around, the girls tennis team goes for a one night tournament in Utica and Liverpool. Much team bonding goes on such as buddy bags, where you give another team member their favorite types of food, dinners, and shopping at the USA Destiny mall. This happens during the end of August where the freshmen are very new to the team and learning to get to know the upperclassmen more. Tate’s thoughts on the tournaments were “fun because she got to hang out with new people on the team and it was fun to do certain team bonding activities like the buddy bags” she stated.IMG_2160

So far, the girls tennis team have played two matches and have won them both! There are many matches still to be played. Tate said, “I’m excited to see and get to play other teams”. Good luck to the girls tennis team and of course, the new freshman, Tate Treadwell.


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