Hurricanes Sweeping the Nation

By: Gabriella Stalter

It all started with the devastating Hurricane, named Harvey. According to World Vision, Hurricane Harvey emerged in the Gulf of Mexico, and initially categorized as a category 1 tropical storm. As it continued to move toward Texas, the storm gained enough strength to be categorized as a Category 4 hurricane by August 25th. On the same day, Harvey made its way to texas, with sustained winds up to 130 mph, heavy rains, and a massive storm surge that swamped coastal areas. This resulted in a year’s worth of rainfall, the breach in flood-control reservoirs, and the destruction of Houston and much of southeastern Texas. Days later, Harvey had circled back, and made landfall over Port Arthur, Texas, and western Louisiana. After catastrophic flooding, 10,000 rescue missions, and a week of destruction; Harvey made its way to eastern texas, Louisiana, southern Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, before receding. Not long after harvey, was there news about a bigger, scarier, more catastrophic hurricane, titled Irma. “Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane the National Hurricane Center has ever recorded in the Atlantic outside of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.” Hurricane Irma is creeping on the line of being a Category 5 hurricane, which is even more problematic since there is another Category 4 hurricane in the area. Hurricane Jose is just as strong as Hurricane Irma, and it is following its trail through the Caribbean islands, and to the United States. For the first time in Atlantic history, there are two storms so intense, of equal catastrophic conditions, at the same time. However, with Hurricane Katia in the mix; it is the first time in seven years that there have been three hurricanes at the same time. Hurricane Irma is about the size of the state of New York, with winds topping 185 mph; and it’s heading straight towards the United States. 6.3 million people have been ordered to evacuate Florida, and more in Georgia. As the weekend approached, Hurricane Irma had reduced in strength, however the Miami-based National Hurricane Center has warned residents that “Irma is forecast to strengthen as it approaches mainland Florida.” As the weekend came to an end the monster had indeed regained in strength, and brought chaos on southern Florida. With 3.3 million without power, and means of communication down, more grief and destruction is expected for people in Irma’s path. Student-athlete Lauren Morris said, “It’s weird and scary to think that people I know were affected by a storm that feels so far away.”

hurricane irma

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