One Last Time

By: Jaquelle Quenan

“So I guess when they hand us that diploma thing, we’ll be done here.”

The time has finally come. After roaming the same halls, dealing with some of the same teachers, and seeing the same people, it’s the class of 2018’s senior year. It’s the last year confined within these walls of CPP high school. As exciting as this is, it causes new concerns to surface. Seniors start to get bombarded with questions about life after high school. The worries and fears are consuming. Time has done what every said it would. A few minutes ago, it was the first day of high school and the senior year seemed so far away. At the time the idea of graduating was unfathomable. Brushing off the nagging of parents, teachers, and other adults warning you how fast time flies and that you should begin preparing for the years to come was so easy. In the blink of an eye, the front doors were opening and closing so fast for the last first day of high school. How terrifying is that? So, what are some typical senior concerns? Let’s start with the most basic one, college, the never-ending anxiety of figuring out where to go and what to major in is exhausting. There are more questions than answers. There’s the decision between being close to home or far away, a smaller college or larger one, and so many other factors that play into picking out the right choice. For some, college isn’t even a concern. The choice is between either joining the service or working. This too is a huge life-changing decision that comes with many worrisome questions. With the endless possibilities of jobs, picking one can be completely impossible. This decision can’t be taken lightly since it may one day support a family. Or if it is decided to join the service, there are many branches. Within this, there are certain requirements needed to obtain a spot which can cause many stresses. Nonetheless, senior year is the time to enjoy high school. As bitter and sweet as it may be, it’s important to allow this time to celebrate and enjoy the year. Enjoy the people who will part ways once this chapter of high school closes. Enjoy the dreading feeling of waking up and remembering it’s not the weekend. Because within months, cap and gowns will be passed out and students will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. Congrats for making it this far, to the senior’s surprise high school is survivable. Good luck to all this year, make it a great one.

Senior Katherine Ott said her biggest concern at the moment is, “trying to get in the right financial means for entering college and graduating with the least amount of debt.”

2018ers Brooke and Isabella, visually expressing the stressors of senior year.

2018ers Brooke and Isabella, visually expressing the stressors of senior year.

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