The End Of An Era

Reporting by Jacob Gross

On June 23, Corning Painted Post High School will finally bid farewell to the remaining Vikings and Trojans. Four years ago, Corning West High and East High combined with the former morphing into the new middle school. Two seniors were selected to answer three questions- What their high school careers have been like since freshman year; Do they think there’s still an Viking/Trojan rivalry and if they had the choice of four years of West and East, what would they pick?

“My high school career was okay,” senior Garrett Dupree said, “But going from West to the combined school was a big change. And not being used to so many people, it was hard to get used to it and I feel it was fine the way it was before. Yes for sure [there is a rivalry]. After this year, I don’t think there will be because all of this year’s graduating class is all that is left of the East and West people. The others all were combined. I’d for sure pick West over the combined schools because it was so much easier and less crowded as West. Plus, we had a lot more privileges and freedoms at West.”

Trojan senior Bailey Basham had some different views on the subject. “The atmosphere of East was a lot different [than the combined school] but I think it was because of all of the construction when they were trying to merge. Now that everything’s over and the merge has calmed down I think it’s better together! You get the chance to meet a whole new group of people you wouldn’t be able to meet. I personally think there isn’t a really a rivalry anymore, because when we went to East or West, we had combined sports teams. We never got the real rivalry, therefore it made the combination of schools easier.

“Before we merged, I wasn’t happy about it and I thought it would be horrible! However now that the merge has happened, I think it was a great decision. I would know half the people I know now, plus I feel like I’m a part of history a little. It’s cool to say that you’re the last graduating class that ever went to East or West!”

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