Regents Exams

Reported by: Samuel Woodhouse


Regents exams are always a huge deal for students when they come around. Most classes revolve entirely around passing the corresponding Regents exam, so there’s high stakes and stress that usually go along with them. Freshman normally take the Biology and Algebra Regents, which introduces them to how the tests work. Sophomores take either Earth Science or Chemistry, along with Global History, Foreign Language, and Geometry. Juniors are required to take the Literature and Algebra II and Trigonometry exams. Seniors take American History. While these are the normal case scenarios, there are many students who take certain exams a year early, or take different exams entirely. The general consensus among CPP students is that Regents exams are not fun. The idea of finishing school and then having to come back for exams over the next two weeks is not a popular one. “It is certainly a low blow”, says sophomore student, Quintin Fisher. “Back in elementary and middle school, the last day of school was the last day of school. It was a blast. Now no one can really have any fun on the last day because they are stressing about their exams.” Quintin is taking Global, Geometry, Spanish, and Literature this year, along with many other sophomores. Some students like Regents exams, like Mark Parsamian, another sophomore. “It’s an opportunity to put everything you’ve learned during the school year to the test. It’s great!” The last day of school is on Monday, June 12th, and will be followed by two weeks of testing.

Sophomore Sean Tovey studying avidly for his Chemistry exam.

Sophomore Sean Tovey studying avidly for his Chemistry exam.

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