Getting closer to Graduation

Reported by: Erin Tucker

Another year of High School is completed, and for some of students they have three more, others are halfway done, and for seniors it is their last year at CPPHS. Having completed a full year of High school can be overwhelming for students who are going into their last year, and it can also be accomplishing if you get good grades, do well on your finals and participate in the extracurriculars throughout the year. An end to the school year means students have the summer to recuperate and relax, and next year is a new start, with new classes and new opportunities. Juniors this year are going to be seniors next year, which means that college is right around the corner and their high school years are coming to an end. Junior Joy Panicek said, “I’m excited to be able to rest for the summer and I am looking forward to having open campus next year. I am kind of scared to graduate but I know it has to happen, and I am looking forward to going to college.” The end of the year for many students is a turning point because it is one year closer to the end of High school. For those of you who are advancing a grade, congratulations on completing another year of High school and have a great summer. For those who are graduating, good luck with college and hopefully your High school years were memorable. 

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