Fun things to do this summer near by!

Reported by: Amya Birch

So of course everyone wants to have fun in the summer! There’s so many things to do even if it’s just staying at home and hanging out with friends.  There’s colonial day the week of June 7th thru June 10th at Hodge man Park in Painted post, NY. Everything will be there… food, rides, games, karaoke, even a beauty pageant so show up and have fun! Pools open on Tuesday June 6th as well at Denison park pool and Stewart pool. There’s bowling, Movies, ice cream shops, the mall, even home with family throwing a cookout. There are so much other things to do outside Corning and Painted post too. Amusement parks are a common fun summer time thing to do. Six flags is a pretty awesome place to go they have locations in New York and New Jersey. They have their own safari and a cable cars in the sky to take you around the park. Another park to go to is Hershey Park in Hershey, Pa they have a cool tour that shows you the processes of how chocolate is made. Dorney Park is another great place to go in Pennsylvania

picture by google

picture by google

. There’s tons of rides and its two parks in one a regular amusement park and then a water park inside the park all for the price of one. It’s family friendly and great discounts although the prices are a little pricey. All these places and fun things to do for the summer. Even though you need money for most of it there’s things that don’t need money. So have fun this summer, be safe, and use those three months of no school wisely!

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