Goodbye High School

Reported by: Pearl Cooper

The end is near. After ten seemingly endless months, the school year is finally over. All that’s left is the rest of today and one measly Monday. For seniors, it is the last Monday of their high school careers.

So, have seniors gained anything from their four years of high school? Probably. Between the massive amounts of regents exams, AP exams, and IB tests, students must have gained some amount of intellectual knowledge. Algebra can be used in college next year, trig can be used to calculate the size of a mountain, the possibilities are endless.

However, it can be argued that the most valuable lessons learned from high school have little to do with the size of the Mongol Empire, or with  finding  x. Senior Emily Niu said, “my favorite part of high school was meeting new friends and creating memories that will last forever, but I also really liked it when they told me I was valedictorian.”

Similarly, the most influential moments of high school can actually be the ones that seemed insignificant when they were happening. Senior Maeve Holman recalled, “my favorite memory of high school is wandering the halls with Celine Martuscello during our lunch study halls sophomore year.”

For those returning to CPPHS when the summer is over, remember you don’t have to enjoy every moment of high school, and nobody is asking you to. Just keep in mind that there is nothing quite like the high school experience, and that’s probably a good thing.

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