Restaurants in Corning

Reported by: Erin Tucker

Many people consider Corning to be a great place to live. It attracts major tourism because of the glass museum, and market street is a great place to go and hangout with friends. The restaurant variety and local places to eat is another major part of why people love Corning, and some people are very specific about their favorite places to eat on Market street. There are a variety of all different types and ethnicity of food, whether it be Chinese, Mexican, Italian, pizza, or just pub food. Aniello’s is a local favorite, it is a pizza restaurant that also has other varieties of food such as subs, calzones, salads, soups, and of course pizza. If you’re the type of person that is into Mexican food, Boomer’s is also a popular, local Mexican food restaurant, along with the restaurant Fiesta Brava, who also serves Mexican food. There are Chinese restaurants which include Wild Ginger and Evergreen Express, both with traditional Chinese, although Wild Ginger has more of a variety as well as more authentic Chinese food. Mooney’s is a bar/restaurant that recently opened on Market Street, and many people like it for the atmosphere and the large portions they serve. 10th grader Alex Guiles said, “my favorite restaurant on Market Street is Mooney’s because it’s right on Market Street, it doesn’t cost too much, and it tastes good. My favorite thing to get there is the spicy chicken tenders.” There are also more high end places to eat, such as Sorge’s, which is an Italian restaurant, The Gaffer, and Tony R’s. These are all appropriate places to eat for a formal event. Market street also has local cafe’s and sweet shops. Poppleton on market street is a unique business that serves items such as cupcakes, crepes, bubbletea, and has a signature product which is their lavender lemonade. Market Street has a variety of restaurants for whatever you may be craving. Whether it be desert at Poppleton, or spicy chicken tenders from Mooney’s, the restaurants in Corning will not disappoint. For those of you who are Yelp critics, Market Street is the place to go.

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