Summer Activities

Reported By: Jaedyne Filkins    Mmm, can you smell it? The barbecues! Can you hear it? The fireworks! Can you taste it? The s’mores over the open fire! Summer is right around the corner.

And the countdown begins, we are almost out for the summer! Only a couple more days to go, we got this! Let’s all finish the year strong. Summer just like our mini vacations can be full of adventure , friends, laughter, and so much more! Almost everyone is doing something different.. unless you’re that one person who follows the same exact schedule every day of your life.. even then it’s okay! A lot of seniors will be packing up and saying goodbye to high school but also saying hello to their new adventures. Some will be staying home and working or others may travel the world and go on many adventures. Allie Copp, a senior is using her summer vacation very wisely. Allie will be attending Fredonia University in Fredonia, NY. Not only will Allie be planning and organizing herself for college she will be dancing her way into Dance Camp at her local church. “I love the summertime because I get to attend Dance Camp and meet new people. However this summer will also be my summer as a high school graduate. I look forward to Fredonia and I also look forward to spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend.” Some people are looking for a job over the summer. Jobs during the summer are a great way to save for college in the future, trips, things to do, or simply something to during the summer. Everyone deserves to have a great summer and make it count!

IMG_0548 (1)

Allie Copp , a senior, shows off her Dance Camp shirt. She’s ready for summer!


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