5th Grade Science Day

CPPHS students demonstrated science experiments to fifth graders.

CPPHS students demonstrated science experiments to fifth graders.

Reported by: Pearl Cooper

Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday, all of the fifth graders in the Corning-Painted Post School District visited CPPHS to participated in Fifth Grade Science day. IB science students prepared twelve minute science lessons designed to teach the fifth graders about scientific concepts such as anatomy, polymers, and enzymes.

On Tuesday, students from Carder, Erwin Valley, and Gregg Elementary Schools visited the high school and on Wednesday, students from Severn, Smith and Winfield schools came to see the displays.

CPPHS students created a science demo with their groups and presented to small groups of fifth graders. After twelve minutes, the groups rotated to a different table and the lesson was repeated with a new set of fifth graders.

The fifth graders also learned about the various opportunities the high school has to offer. Students shared their favorite things about high school to the fifth graders.

Junior Ivan Jubilee told the younger students, “my favorite thing about this high school is it’s inclusivity. There is a class, club, or sports team for everyone.”

Students from IB biology, chemistry, and computer science participated in the event, and demos included a shark dissection, multiple versions of homemade slime, a lesson in computer graphics, and flame tests.

Junior Alivia Collins said, “we taught the kids about reptiles and amphibians and the differences and similarities between the two. We also brought in some animals from tanglewood and showed the kids. My favorite thing about the fifth graders  was that they were really interactive and they seemed to enjoy what they were learning.”

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  1. Kenzie's Gravatar Kenzie
    June 1, 2017    

    it was very fun to watch the 5th graders do there work.

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