Fitness Center

Reported by: Pearl Cooper

One can count on the fitness center at Corning Painted Post High School to be crowded with students and staff throughout the day. The fitness center, located above the gym, is a popular spot to work out with friends, individually, or with a team or class. The fitness center features state of the art equipment, including cardio machines, TRX, and a variety of strength training equipment.

There are weight training classes offered at CPPHS that teach students how to use the weight room as well as how to create exercise plans and live a healthy lifestyle. The fitness center is also used during regular physical education classes.

The fitness center is open after school Monday through Thursday until 4:15 for fitness club. This allows students who are not on a sports team to make use of the facility. Fitness club can be used to make up a gym class as well.

The fitness center is often crowded with student athletes until late in the evening. Strength training is a way to get ahead of competitors and improve performance. Senior Emily Niu, who is a member of the track team, explained, “we try to use the weight room at least twice a week to lift legs and arms. I like strength training because I get to challenge myself to keep improving, and I can feel myself becoming a stronger runner. ”

The fitness center is also useful for athletes with injuries. Emily said, “the track team uses the elliptical machines and the bikes to cross-train throughout the season. [Cross-training] is a good way to get a  work out in without putting too much stress on your legs.”

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