Final Decisions

Reported by Marian Cooper

Spring is a taxing season for students. On top of studying and final exams, students have to make decisions that will shape the upcoming school year.  The last couple weeks of April, are extra stressful for the many seniors who have not yet committed to a college. The task of choosing between two or three top choices is a daunting one. There are strategies that are useful to help students compare different schools and find the best fit.

First, students can create a pros and cons list for each college. This allows students to weigh the most appealing aspects against the most off putting aspects for each school. This will help narrow down options. If the cons for a school greatly outnumber the pros, it is most likely not the best option.

It is important to throughly research the acedemic programs offered by each school. The rigor of the program was the driving force that led Senior Emily Niu, to choose MIT. “I had a vey hard time choosing between MIT and Emory. Both are prestigious institutions, but I like the program at MIT better.”

When making their final decisions about college, students should also consider more than just the academics. It is important to consider the location and overall atmosphere of the school, as students will have to live there for four years. Students should also think about the food quality, housing situation and available extra-circular activities.


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