Speed ball

Reported by: Pearl Cooper

Source: ClipartFest

Source: ClipartFest

As the weather warms up, gym classes are moving outside for the remainder of the school year. This gym unit, students had the opportunity to stay inside and play volleyball or basketball, or to go out to the turf and play speed ball.

Speed ball is a game that combines ultimate frisbee, soccer, handball, and football. It is played on the width of the turf and uses lacrosse goals as nets and the side of the field as end zones. The objective of the game is to score more points than the other team.

The size of the teams vary in each gyms class, as well as the rules of the game. Gym teacher Mrs. Mayer said, “we are trying to figure out what rules work best for each class, so if you are making up a gym class, the rules may be different.”

The ball can be dribbled on the ground like in soccer, or it can be kicked up into the air and caught. If this happens, the player gets three steps and three seconds with the ball before it is passed to another teammate, similar to the rules of handball. There four ways to score. The ball can be thrown into the goal from behind the end zone or thrown into the end zone and caught by another player, which scores one point. Or, the ball can be kicked into the goal or kicked into the end zone and caught for two points. At the beginning of the game and after each time points are scored, the game starts or resumes with a kick off in center field.

Mrs Mayer said, “even though it is a wide field, the ball will go out of bounds a lot.” When the ball does go out of bounds, it is put back into play by a throw in from behind the line.

As the school year speeds to a close, consider playing speed ball in gym class to help pass the time until the last day of school.

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