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Reported by: Marian Cooper

Several staff members at Corning Painted Post High School are expecting children in the upcoming months. Working closely with students every day provides these faculty with a unique perspective on parenting.

When working in a school while the staff are exposed to many different names which can make it difficult to pick out baby names. The school nurse, Mrs. Thompson, has a three year old son an is expecting a daughter this summer. She has found working in a school has broadened her horizons in terms of baby names; “With all of the students at school there are so many unique names and when one comes up that I like, I go home and ask my husband if he likes the name… it’s one of the simple things in life…you’d think.. .we still don’t have a name picked out and our little girl is due in June!”

Having childern of their own also changes staff members perspective of their own job. According Mrs. Tompson, “As a nurse you always have a heart to care for others. After becoming a mother you just plain love life more!Everything comes together and becomes better because of one tiny person and your love for them.  Every student or child you come in contact with makes you think… if this was my child how would I help or care for them?”

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