Women’s History Month

Reported by: Pearl Cooper

The month of March is Women’s History Month, which celebrates the contribution of women to society. Women’s History month was first proclaimed in 1987 by Congress, and it centers around International Women’s Day on March eighth.

Women’s History Month is used to educate students about groundbreaking women as well as important events in the women’s rights movement. This year, the theme is “honoring trailblazing women in labor and business.”

Significant events in women’s history that occurred this past year include the presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton, the election of Ilhan Omar to the House of Representatives as the first Somali-American lawmaker in the United States, and the release of Hidden Figures, a movie about African-American women working at NASA as mathematicians.

CPPHS students were asked about their female role models. Senior Marie-Laure Gollier said, “my favorite female role model is Justine Henin, a [former] Belgian tennis player because she always left everything on the court and gave it her all.”

Senior Ada Wightman said, “my favorite female role model is Barbara Boxer. She is incredibly intelligent and well spoken, and has accomplished a huge amount as a senator. Along with being a great politician, she has been breaking down barriers for women in politics for decades.”

Junior Grace Bickham said, “my role model is Beyoncé because she is a strong female influence for today’s youth and I look up to her.”

Women’s History Month gives people an opportunity to honor the many achievements of women in history and to educate themselves on the efforts that women have made to gain respect and equality.

March is Women's History Month  Source: Miami Happening

March is Women’s History Month
Source: Miami Happening

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