Tesserae hosts visiting Yearbook crew

Reported by Jacob Gross

On Thursday February 16, the Tesserae Yearbook staff hosted members of the Wellsville High School Sonnontouan yearbook. The three students; juniors Tyler Watson, Aidan Brown and Jacob Bierman; and adviser Mr. Munson arrived mid-5th period to start the visit off with a meeting with the Tess editors and Mr. Simons. They observed the technology that allows the Tess crew to work smoothly together, apps such as Trello and Slack. During the 6th period session, they looked over the coverage, video and reference teams’ shoulders at the work going into deadline four. In 7th period, the trio examined the Tess camera setups while Editor-in-chief Tommy Lynch showed Mr. Munson the design for Volume 3’s cover and a few pages that have already been finished. Afterwards, the editors regrouped with the trio while Mr. Munson met with business adviser Mrs. Paulson-Harris. “I first met Mr. Simons at a Herff Jones conference about four years ago and was pretty impressed at what he was doing. He helped us come up with the theme for our book. Tesserae obviously does great things every year. So I thought it would be time to see how a more senior staff puts a book together. We’re a club only, we don’t have a class. Our club has about 40 members. My motto is ‘If you want to be a part of Yearbook, I have a job for you'” Mr. Munson later commented.

From left to right: "Photoshop guru" Tyler Watson, Editor-in-Chief Aidan Brown and designer Jacob Bierman

From left to right: “Photoshop guru” Tyler Watson, Editor-in-Chief Aidan Brown and designer Jacob Bierman

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